About The Artist

Bogdan Aktamakov is a Russian- born artist. Influenced by the beautiful landscapes of his native country, Bogdan developed his love for art early on in life. Even as a child he had an amazing eye for detail which projected onto his drawings.

After immigrating with his family to the United States, he experimented with different techniques and utilized different materials to perfect his craft. During his developmental phase, Bogdan sold many pieces of his artwork to the private collectors and painted murals for some of the local businesses. He gained skills and experience and became a master of his own craft.

Being a self-taught artist gives Bogdan the opportunity and expertise to express himself with oils and acrylics. He works very hard on improving his skills and it shows with every new work of art he creates. Inspired by his surroundings and everyday life, he often uses several reference photographs to study the nature's way of combining color and light. Bogdan's paintings have a way of communicating with the viewer, allowing them to be present in the moment captured by the power of a brush stroke.

Contact Me




E-mail: Bogdanslayd@gmail.com

Phone: 678-520-1488

Instagram: @Bogdan_Aktamakov